Tooling Dies

Tooling Dies

Based on our motto of "Create to meet the needs of customers", we provide various services on planning, designing, fabricating and selling of high quality and high accuracy metal forming tooling die such as transfer die, progressive die, single operation die, and forging die.

Processing Plate Metal into a Pipe Shape

Current Status and Issues

This factory has equipment for processing plate materials.
However, they did not own a pipe-shaped processing equipment.
They want to realize cylindrical processing from existing equipment.


Review Processing and Mold

Joint Part Process
One process, forming unevenness with the shape that can be connected at the left and right edges.

Bending Process
Second process, create a mold that makes the sheet metal tubular.



A product realized by improving existing equipment and molds.
No pipe material equipment was introduced.

Recycle Processing

Minimize Waste "Mottainai" Idea

Do not discard.
We thought of a new idea and made it a processed product.


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