Tooling Dies

Tooling Dies

Based on our motto of "Create to meet the needs of customers", we provide various services on planning, designing, fabricating and selling of high quality and high accuracy metal forming tooling die such as transfer die, progressive die, single operation die, and forging die.

Transfer Die

Cut blank is fed by transfer feeding device into tooling die sequentially.

Motor Case

High accuracy within ±0.05 mm at off center, squareness & flatness.

Food Can

Two parts are assembled in the die, on 300tf transfer press with dual transfer unit.

Progressive Die

Coil material is fed into tooling die by coil feeding device sequentially.

Progressive Die Built in Two Parts Caulked into One Part

Progressive Caulking Die

Forging Die

Automatic feeding device of slug material with the standard die set.

Standard Die Set For Cold Forging Die

Cold Forging Processing Using Standard Die Set with Automatic Slug Feeder

New Release!

Press Forming and Press Tooling Die Handbook

This is an outstanding handbook that was written based on plenty of experiences.
Layouts and construction drawings of various tool and die will be useful to develop design skill of sheet metal tool designers.
We are waiting for your inquiry.

Press Tool Design Hand Book

Samples Products for the Hand Book

Sample for the Hand Book

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