Product Line

Mechanical Presses

WISMA provides SALES & CONSULTING SERVICE for application and engineering of various types of mechanical presses.

  1. Sales of all AIDA Products
  2. Transfer feeder, various types of material feeder, robotic material handling devices and other related devices.
  3. Total engineering service for metal forming technology.

Regarding AIDA Made Products

WISMA is AIDA's authorized sales partner and operating in India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and other major Asian markets.
Our expertise and experiences on metal forming engineering technologies will provide you many helpful and attractive ideas for your production operation.
Please knock WISMA's door for your inquiries and needs.

Small Tonnage Conventional Presses

Small tonnage conventional presses

C type frame structure; most popular and basic mechanical press.
Upgrade possibilities such as transfer, progressive robotic handling of production method, and etc., which are available by means of special attachment.

Cold Forging Presses

Cold forging presses

High precision forming is achievable compared with hot or warm forging process.
Various types of forged forming are available with annealing and bonderizing technologies.

High Speed Presses

High speed presses

Accuracy of bottom dead center and heat generation of press are key factors for this stamping.
High level of tooling dies technology and total application engineering experiences are recommended.

Straight-side Presses

Straight side presses

High rigidity frame structure.
Good for long die life. Possible for wide range of machine capacity.

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