Customer Support

Machine Maintenance

WISMA provide services for trouble such as emergency quick check, parts replacement, and etc.
Depend on the situation, we can assign highly qualified service engineers from the local area, engineers from Japan, and/or engineers from the principal machine manufacture to create the most effective team member.


Minimize the damage of parts and production loss by implementing daily and periodic inspection.
Although you can do daily inspection, you can do daily work at easy with normal condition.
But leave Periodic Inspection up to us.
Periodic Inspection is required in Japan, but it is not common in Japan now.
Machine life, safety, productivity improve by daily inspection and periodic inspection.
Machine stop by without inspection, production stop and repairing charge increase.
Daily inspection and periodic inspection are necessary, to avoid this sort of things.
WISMA can provide various kinds of inspection service based on the production schedule and your budget.

Trouble Shooting

In case of machine trouble, cause investigation is necessary.
If only replacing broken parts to new parts, trouble may happen again.
This trouble may occur serious trouble.
WISMA service investigate your machine, WISMA advise you appropriately.


After inspection, an detailed inspection report will be issued and depended on customer's requirement and preference, repairs and follow up items will be prioritized and amicably discussed with customer.
Additional services such as repairing, maintenance, replacement parts, and etc. can also be arranged.

Plant Start-up, Production Rationalization

If you have planning New plant start-up, please feel free to contact WISMA.
And If you have planning production rationalization, please feel free to contact WISMA.
*Support customer to improve quality control.
*reduce production cost, and shorten delivery lead time.
*Introduction and planning advise for setting up a new factory.


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WISMA has network in Southeast Asia.
Please feel free to contact us.

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