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Company Principle

WISMA strongly believes the key to survival and growth of a company rests on the co-creation between the potential of your company and wisdom of industry experts.

WISMA, since its foundation, has steadily amassed experience and achievements, in metal forming industry where press forming and related technologies play an important role, now WISMA has been recognized as an intelligent, designated and comprehensive solution provider and also a system integrator.

We are ready to provide you with new and innovative solutions which enhance your productivity and profitability.

We tackle your problems from a worldwide perspective based on our philosophy; " Think Together, Act Together".

Don't hesitate to contact us if you ever wish to improve your productivity and strengthen your profitability, by rationalizing operation, promoting further automation and improving precision.

Managing Director
Hiroshi Kitamura

The company designates its eponymous WISMA as Creation, which originally means
Building in Malaysian and Indonesian languages.

We strive to be an intelligent expert, constantly working out innovative ideas from a worldwide perspective, providing clients with satisfaction from a marketing viewpoint. In a word, WISMA aims at an attractive company from the points of view of customers, investors and employees.

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