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Case 2

Our assiduous guidance on the basic theory of drawing led to the client's own designing and production trial in only just three months!

Client: Manufacturer of Electric Controller (Owning Three Factories in Japan, Two Factories in Vietnam)

In their Vietnam factory, they are vexed with a variety of troubles in the drawing of stainless steel, since they simply mimicked the process without proper training.
They had a strong wish to enhance their drawing capabilities especially in designing and producing, as their past experience was limited to punching and bending.

Please guide us!

The client asked for our advice on the drawing.  A first glance was enough to find their deficiencies; wrinkles on the drawn flanges, cracks on the neck, unstable accuracy and broken dies.  Without proper training and with only limited experience, they suffered from constant troubles.

The guidance project started in response to their eager request to develop drawing capability.  They wanted to master the very technology to expand their customer base and revenue.

The guidance started from introducing drawing theory on to design and production.  The designer was a smart graduate of a prestigious technical university and quickly absorbed the theory; however, his lack of experience led to lots of drawbacks on the die.  First we let the designer and staffs try their own ideas with resultant various troubles.  We intentionally avoided simply giving solutions from the onset, to let them think.  The failures worked as the best teacher, deepened their understanding and eventually enhanced the capability.  As they learned the interaction between design and its implementation were the best approach to reach solutions.

Devoted guidance on the drawing technology.

It must have been a hard job for the staff. First thing we did was to let the designer visit the work-floor and look at the die in operation.  Die design requires a flexible and unfettered mindset to find a workable solution to any problem.  We strenuously urged the designer to visit and look at the die in action.  It took three months from the beginning to successful drawing with smooth R.

At the latter half of the guidance, the designer used to disassemble the die by himself to come up with the solution.  Our devoted guidance led the designer and staff to become capable of drawing on their own as for middle class products.

Their parent company in Japan asked for our advice. They made remarkable progress.

They finally completed their own design, made the die and started production on their own premises.  Their die proved more stable in quality and produced better yield than the competition.  They gained great confidence based on the completion of the project.  We received their heartfelt appreciation.

They informed us of their having successfully received a variety of orders from their customers.  Still they ask for our advice every time they encounter technical obstacles. We and the client are now partners without the boundary of two different companies.

Their parent company in Japan sought our higher level of technical assistance on drawing. We are working together now on new drawing dies.
WISMA has contributed enormously in their expanding new customer base.

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