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Stabilization of Pressed Parts Apply Precision Press Forming to High Accuracy Parts!


Rotor of Motor Manufacturer for AV Equipment in Malaysia

Product Specification

Material SECE (JIS)
Thickness 1.0mm
Applied Press Progressive Processing Using 160T Press, Model: NC2-160(1)


  • Unstable and inconsistent production accuracy.
  • Parts that are required precise stable accuracy were produced inconsistently. After assembled, checked the balance and added weights to retain the accuracy of products.


  • Had to manufacture the products with unsymmetrical holes.
  • Raw materials with uneven thickness affected unstable parts accuracy.
  • Micron Unit also caused the unsteady accuracy on parts production.

Resolution and Result

  • Designed the die to retain balancing accuracy regardless of unsymmetrical hole location and the uneven thickness on raw materials.
  • Improved the process layout to manufacture stable accuracy parts to save the loss of material and to reduce the number of processing steps.

Safer and More Efficient Work Shop Drastically Increase Productivity of Press Forming!


Bearing Retainer Manufacturer for Automobile in India


Low productivity and dangerous working condition caused by single operation production.

Resolution and Result

WISMA proposed resolutions based on the timing and budget points of view.

  1. Improved the productivity and safety of blanking process
  2. Changed the blanking and drawing into one process to improve the workability
  3. Increased the current productivity achieved by grinding with press forming process
  4. Verified side square hole piercing process
  5. Improved smooth surface at pierced square hole
  6. Improved the safety and efficiency at center hole piercing process

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