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Apply press forming to the current cutting operation Replace cutting process with press operation!


Motor Parts Manufacturer for Washing Machine in Korea

*Product Specification

Part Name Motor Case
Material SECC (JIS)
Thickness 1.6mm
Applied Press 400tf Transfer Press, Model TMX-400


  • The accuracy of Φ26;0.016/0mm at bearing inserting point was difficult to secure by press forming and it is typically performed by cutting.
  • The variation of raw material thickness also affected the press process.

Resolution and Result

  • Applied press forming to manufacture parts that was previously processed by the cutting operation and achieved the same precision level.
  • Compared with the other raw material supply made in Japan, the issue of inconsistency on the raw material thickness was resolved.
  • As a result, maintained the level of accuracy, increased the productivity drastically, and cut down 20% of the total cost.

Replace the current joining process of two parts with one by press forming Apply reverse redrawing process and fully automate the operation!


Manufacturer for Food Aluminum Can in Japan

*Product Specification

Part Name Aluminum Can for Food
Material Aluminum
Thickness 0.23mm
Applied Press 200tf & 300tf Tandem Transfer Press


  • Joining two parts technology was used.
  • There was no other way to reduce production cost further under the existing price competition.
  • Requested to provide a workable solution to integrate two molding processes into one process.

Resolution and Rresult

  • Built a special equipment to integrate and fully automate two molding processes into one process from the original two jointed parts.
  • Installed dual transfer unit in the press machines to double its productivity.
  • As a result, improved the productivity by four times and cut down the manufacturing cost by 50%.

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